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The Business and Entrepreneurship Society

We aspire to develop ideas into something actionable, perspire to work on your ideas and yourself and inspire the future by sharing your experiences and encouraging others take bold steps.

EntrepreneurshipUC seeks to develop and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation within Canberra and its surrounds. It isn’t just for those who have current business ideas but also for those who have a desire to learn more about business and those who wish to be part of something bigger than themselves. We are a community which is led by students who believe in the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation. This is supported by the creation of ideas, services and products through innovation that value adds to our society.


Membership allows you access to our Facebook Member Forum, cheaper/free entry to events and more.

Student Members are any individual with valid identification from an educational institution. Everyone else is considered a Community Member. There is no other difference between memberships.